Molokai, Hawaiʻi

July 21-30, 2024


A ten-day Spiritual Journey of Molokai Nui A Hina.

Find relief from your hectic life and cultivate your innate relationship with your ancestors through ceremony & protocol on Molokai!

DEADLINE to sign up is May 31st!

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July 21-30, 2024


A ten-day Spiritual Journey of Molokai Nui A Hina.

Find relief from your hectic life and cultivate your innate relationship with your ancestors through ceremony & protocol on Molokai!

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Experience The Culture and History of the island of Molokai.


Journey back in time as you will get a glimpse of the spiritual power of the land and the Hawaiian heroes and heroines that roamed this island before.


What's Included

11 Days/10 nights Accommodations | All classes and talk stories | Private vans and drivers | All meals | All group activities and instructors and local practitioners  | Full-time huakaʻi Director & Team | Tips and gratuities 


The itinerary and more... detailed below.


Pricing and Registration

Cost Per Person: $4,600 (does NOT include flights)


Ready to join us on this incredible experience? Great! You can sign up by clicking the "Register Now!" button below, calling 808-366-0465, or emailing us at [email protected]


Take time away from the distractions of your busy life,

Life is more peaceful on Molokai, especially when you are with your newfound ʻOhana.


Experience the deep spirituality of the Hawaiian People, which is so prevalent in Molokai and Halawa Valley,

...You will appreciate the history, the Ancestors, and the land as you learn Hula, and the journeys of the heroes and heroines of Molokai.


Knowing what it means to embody the teachings of Aloha,

....Molokai and the people of Molokai are descendants of Hina, the Mother, Protector, and Goddess of her island child Molokai. Her teachings are all about Aloha, which is our message to you…



In Person: Kaoini Park ●  Molokai Shores, Molokai, Hawaiʻi, USA

Kamehameha V Highway, Kaunakakai, Hawaii 96748

Dates: July 21-30, 2024


❖ Spots are Limited ❖


Open - and Closing Ceremony

Lei making

Hula Performance

Journeys to Wahi Pana (Historical Places) on the Island of Molokai

Storytelling and History of Molokai

Are you so busy living your life, that you can't find the time to dive deep into Spirituality? 

We hear that a lot. 

Maybe you're struggling with: 

  • Finding a connection between yourself and other people
  • Remembering how words have meaning, the impact of ceremony and protocol
  • Remembering our relationship with the land, ocean, animals, and elements in your day-to-day life.
North Shores, Molokai


Molokai Pule Oʻo


Molokai, Powerful Prayers


Now imagine you could..


Immerse yourself in a traditional learning style from Molokai where a Kanaka ʻŌiwi kupuna (elder) is dedicated to preserving the ways of the Ancestors of the Valley of Halawa.


❖ Come to understand Hula, Oli, and Protocol as a form of Prayer through the sharing of the stories, we preserve history and create a relationship with the place. Learn how to pray with Aloha and Gratitude with your ancestors.


Leave feeling refreshed and remembering your connection to All Things as an expression of Aloha (Unconditional Love) - ultimately to Akua and the Ancestors.



That's what this unique Molokai Huakaʻi Retreat is all about.


Here's what you'll get from attending the Molokai Huakaʻi Retreat 2024...


  • Discover the Sacred Teachings of Aloha from the Island of Molokai
  • Get to know Kanaka ʻŌiwi and Kupuna Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki & Kumu Paʻa Kyrian van Vliet.
  • Learn Hula and Oli from Molokai, dedicated to Molokai Nui A Hina (Hina, Mother, Protector, and Goddess of Island Child Molokai)
  • Meet your new ʻohana and have fun learning

Your Purpose and Reason

Everyone comes to the Huakaʻi for a different reason and purpose. You will receive an experience unique to you. We can't promise you what you will get out of it, we can only show you our program. Your intentions and actions will shape what you will take home with you.





Day 1 - Welcome to Molokai

July 21, 2024, Sunday - Arrival Date

You will be greeted at Hoʻolehua Airport by one of the staff with a lei who will bring you directly to your condo. After some rest, we will get together at Kaoini Park (the gathering place at the beach park) for the welcome protocol and have an amazing welcome Dinner.

Activity Level - Easy


Day 2 - Opening Ceremony and Ti- leaf Lei making workshop

July 22, 2024, Monday - The Kaoini Park

  • Breakfast on your own
  • 8 am - Hoʻoponopono / Pī kai / ʻAwa
  • Making Ti Leaf Lei & Oli Practice
  • Noon - Lunch
  • 2 pm - Continue lei-making, Hula, oli
  • 4 pm - Shower Get Ready For Dinner
  • 6 pm - Dinner @ Kaoini Park

Activity Level - Moderate


Day 3 - Continue Leimaking

  • July 23, 2024, Tuesday - The Kaoini Park
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Cleanup after yourself
    • Continue Lei-making
    • Lunch
    • Complete lei & haku
    • 4 pm - Return to Accommodations to Shower
    • 6 pm - Dinner @ Kaoini Park

Activity Level - Moderate


Day 4 - Spiritual Journey to Halawa, the Valley of Ancient Hawaiʻi

  • July 24, 2024, Wednesday - Huaka’i to Halawa Valley with Greg Solatorio
    • Breakfast The Kaoini Park
    • Depart The Kaoini Park
    • Lunch To Go
    • Dinner 

Activity Level - Heavy


Day 5 - Huakaʻi to the Sacred Mountains of Molokai

  • July 25, 2024, Thursday - Huaka’i to Waikolu Park with Cultural Educator Penny Martin
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Lunch to Go
    • 6 pm Dinner at the Kaoini Park
    • Hula

Activity Level - Moderate


Day 6 - Huakaʻi to ʻĀina Pulapula Farms - Hawaiian Herbal Medicine

  • July 26, 2024, Friday - Huaka’i to ʻĀina Pulapula Farms with Practitioner Lāʻau Lapaʻau Bobby Alcain
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Lunch to Go
    • Visiting Kalaupapa Lookout & Phallic Stone
    • Dinner at the Kaoini Park

Activity Level - Moderate


Day 7 - Hula Performance with Live Music

  • July 27, 2024, Saturday - Hula Performance Kumu Hula Kyrian van Vliet
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Hula Performance 
    • Talk story
    • Lunch at the Kaoini Park
    • Dinner at the Kaoini Park

Activity Level - Easy


Day 8 - Hula Class

  • July 28, 2024, Sunday - Members-Only Hula Lesson
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Hula Lesson at the Kaoini Park
    • Dinner

Activity Level - Moderate


Day 9 - Huakaʻi Kolo, Westend Molokai - The Windgourd of Laʻamaomao

  • July 29, 2024, Monday - Huakaʻi Kaoini Parkkaʻa Trail (Kolo)
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Lunch To Go
    • Dinner at Kaoini Park

Activity Level - Heavy

Day 10 - Closing with Paʻaina

  • July 30, 2024, Tuesday - Closing dinner with Paʻina, contest, and a performance by Moana’s Hula Hālau!
    • Breakfast on your own
    • Oli & Moʻolelo Contest
    • Closing Dinner at Kaoini Park
    • Oli Mahalo

Activity Level - Easy


Day 11 - A hui hou, Molokai!

  • July 31, 2024, Wednesday - Checkout and departure, bound for Hoʻolehua Airport



Note there is always a chance of the content and program having changes along the way. Be prepared for anything all the time. Hoʻomākaukau!

What's Included


Group Size

We are committed to keeping our group to no more than 20 participants. This makes it perfect for immersing in the Hawaiian way of living and learning the cultural practices, the food, and the culture. 


Cultural Expertise

During your Molokai Huakaʻi, you will have a full-time team of experienced students by your side, as well as kanaka ʻōiwi cultural expert, born and raised on Molokai, Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Aki, for the entire duration of your spiritual journey.

In addition to this, local practitioners will share their ʻike, knowledge, and kuleana, responsibility, with you such as Hawaiian Herbal Medicine, the ʻike of Hālawa Valley, and Hula.



Because meal time is so important in Hawaiian culture, we include all meals during huakaʻi. The only meals not included are those you have during your free time. You will all participate and work together as a ʻohana to make sure we have the best food experiences. The closing night will be catered for, so you can enjoy a true Hawaiian meal. On one occasion, we have planned for pizza.



To truly appreciate the ʻāina -land- of Molokai, you must discover it with local practitioners. We will be using private 15-passenger vans, driven by our students. Distances are not great on Molokai, since the island is small. The longest drive is to Halawa Valley. So you can relax in the van and enjoy the beautiful views from high up and down to the sea. 

We also include airport transfers to and from Molokai Hoʻolehua Airport.



All of our participants will stay at Molokai Shores carefully chosen for their closeness to the gathering location (Kaoini Park), which is a central place to visit the island.  We make sure to have wifi where possible (no wifi at the park). We also will make time to visit the Town of Kaunakakai so you can explore and shop for souvenirs perhaps as well.



The activities and experiences that you will take part in on our Molokai Huakaʻi are a combination of the major sights (they are famous for a reason), remote locations, and a small family-run farm, sights. On every huakaʻi, we include the opportunity to learn Hana noʻeau (Hawaiian art), learn about the ancient Hawaiian sites, or ʻike Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian Knowledge) with local practitioners.


Hula Performance

At the Hula Performance you will enjoy music, food, and your new ʻohana. The Hula Lesson for Mana O Molokai members is the day after our Hula Performance. At the end of the 10-day Huakaʻi is a closing dinner (catered), Paʻaina, with a special surprise.


Makana - Generosity and Giving

Before each Huakaʻi where other Molokai Practitioners are involved, you’ll be asked to offer a financial gift to support your teachers. Registration fees do not support local practitioners and most practitioners donʻt get paid for what they offer. Your gifts support practitioners to continue their practice and teaching. Our suggestion is to gift the practitioner $20.00 per participant

We will tip the restaurant and caterers, so you don't have to try to guess or figure out what to tip. 

Where is the Event Held?

Kaoini Park ● Kawela, Molokai ● Kamehameha V Hwy, Kaunakakai HI, 96748

A beautiful beach park on the south shores of Molokai, in the land district of Kawela, where palm trees, the ocean, and the trade winds allow us to gather, dance, and listen to the moʻolelo (stories)! Your accommodations are close by at Molokai Shores. There will be a shuttle available between your accommodations and the Park at designated times.

Hālawa Valley, Molokai
Molokai Nui A Hina
Lūʻau Leaf
Waterfall Moʻoula at Hālawa Valley, Molokai
Waterfall Moʻoula at Hālawa Valley, Molokai
Waterfall Moʻoula at Hālawa Valley, Molokai
Waterfall Moʻoula at Hālawa Valley, Molokai
Waterfall Moʻoula at Hālawa Valley, Molokai
Waterfall Moʻoula at Hālawa Valley, Molokai
Waterfall Moʻoula at Hālawa Valley, Molokai

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Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi

How can you expect to feel at the end of the Molokai Huakaʻi?

1. The Power of Aloha and the profound meaning of Hula

You will acknowledge and have experienced that it always starts with spirit, mind, and then body. You remember to open your heart to aloha and stop holding back because you are so much more than you have believed yourself to be.

feeling the interconnectedness with the people, the environment, and the ancestors

The very deep experience of ceremonies, storytelling, visiting sacred sites, hula, and chanting allows you to deepen your understanding of how we are all related to each other, and that you can always ask for guidance on a spiritual and physical level. Prayer might become your go-to communication, or you might change how you pray.

3. Happy that you're no longer all alone and you feel part of ʻohana

In Hawaiian Traditions, everything is about pilina (relationships) and ʻohana (family). You will be sharing the cooking and meals. You will learn and experience how to function and move as a group while developing rich friendships. You can achieve so much together when everybody thinks alike and lives by the same cultural values.

#1200  "‘Ike aku, ‘ike mai, kōkua aku kōkua mai; pela iho la ka nohona ‘ohana."

Recognize and be recognized, help and be helped; such is family life. Family life requires an exchange of mutual help and recognition.

~ by Mary Kawena Pukui. ʻŌlelo Noʻeau: Hawaiian Proverbs and Poetical Sayings (p. 281). Bishop Museum Press. 

4.  Empowered with Traditional Teachings lived by more than 50 generations

The teachings as lived by our ancestors have come alive now that you have experienced them on Molokai. When you start to integrate the teachings into your life, your thinking, your being, your world begins to shift. Take away what it is that you need at this time. 



Your Hosts

Team Mana O Molokai

Kumu Paʻa Nui

Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki of

Mana O Molokai

Is the 50th Generation of Hālawa Valley, Molokai Lineage of Traditional ʻIke (knowledge). Born and raised in the traditions of this secluded Valley by his maternal Grandparents. Director and Cultural Expert of Mana O Molokai

Kumu Hula

Kyrian van Vliet of

Hālau Hula Ka Makani Laukamani O Hālawa Iki

Is the 51st Generation of Hālawa Valley, Molokai Lineage of Traditional ʻIke (knowledge). Born and raised in Rijssen, The Netherlands, and now resides in Kawela, Molokai since 1993.

Poʻopuaʻa Christine Makapolani Dietrich (Switzerland)

Lomilomi Practitioner, Hoʻoponopono Practitioner, ʻOlapa (dancer)

Katy Castaneda

Poʻopuaʻa Katy Keaohiwaokalani Castaneda (CA)

Admin Hālau Mana O Molokai, Communication & Design. ʻŌlapa (Dancer)

Tonya ʻIolani Leger

Poʻopuaʻa Tonya

ʻIolani Gaboton-Leger (KY)

Lomilomi Practitioner, ʻOlapa (dancer)

About Us

Aloha mai kākou, aloha mai, aloha mai kāua,

I'm Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki, the 50th Generation of Kumu from Hālawa Valley, Molokai, Hawaiʻi with my wife Kumu Hula Kyrian van Vliet from Rijssen, The Netherlands.

We teach Kānaka ʻōiwi and healers all over the world to build a strong and unshakeable Hawaiian spiritual foundation, so they know who they are and where they come from.

The one message I have for the world is the message of Aloha. 

Hereby, we heed the kāhea (call) to share the teachings of my kūpuna of Hālawa Valley with you here on my home island Molokai.

In 2010, my blood-uncle and Kumu, Hawaiʻi Treasure Kumu Hula ʻAnakala Pilipo Solatorio since my tenth year, said to me:

 The mango is ripe and at its sweetest point, and ready to be plucked.

A hui hou, see you on Molokai,

Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki

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