San Jose, CA

Aug 18-20, 2023

"Molokai, Birthplace of Hula, Kāʻana"

A three-day Hula Workshop highlighting Molokai, the Birthplace of Hula, Kāʻana, through ceremony, hula, and protocol.

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Go deeper into the Hula traditions and protocols of Molokai

..learn the stories of the origin - the birthplace of Hula, Kāʻana - on the island of Molokai, and the significance to the people of Hawaii. Something that is missing in so many cultural practices these days.


Experience each dance and share time and space with the Ancestors

....Hula is an expression of Aloha, a form of prayer to the Ancestors preserving and demonstrating the Moʻolelo - stories - and history to remember our connection to all things.


Knowing what it means to truly embody the teachings of Aloha,

....Molokai and the people of Molokai are descendants of Hina, who is the Mother, Protector, and Goddess of her island child Molokai. Her teachings are all about Aloha and this is our message to you…



In Person: At Campbell Community Center ● Roosevelt Redwood Room ● 1 W Campbell Ave, Campbell CA 95008

❖ Seating is limited ❖

Dates: Aug. 18-20, 2023

Friday Sunrise Ceremony with First Nation Elders & Evening Introductions "Molokai, Birthplace of Hula, Kāʻana"

Saturday Two (2x) Hula ʻAuana Workshops  Dinner

Sunday Hula Kahiko Workshop ● Hula ʻAuana Workshop

Molokai Nui A Hina


Hina, Mother, Protector, and Goddess of Island Child Molokai.


Immerse yourself in a traditional learning style from Molokai where a Kanaka ʻŌiwi kupuna (elder) is dedicated to preserving the ways of the Ancestors of the Valley of Halawa. Hālawa Valley is the place where the first Polynesians arrived and is significant as a place of learning and sacredness. 


Learn the Moʻolelo of the Goddess Hina and her Windgourd, as a Mother & Protector for her children on the island of Molokai, the teachings are all about Aloha. 


Leave feeling refreshed and remembering your connection to All Things through Hula as an expression of Aloha (Unconditional Love) - ultimately to Akua and the Ancestors.

North Shores, Molokai


Molokai Pule Oʻo


Molokai, Powerful Prayers...


Come to understand Hula as a form of Prayer. Enjoy a weekend where Hula is not being shared or taught for the purpose of entertainment - it is to share the stories, preserve the history and understand the place it held in traditional culture, which is perpetuating history, and as a form of prayer.


Learn to tell the story of Molokai and its heroes and heroines, such as the powerful Kahuna Lanikaula from the Eastend of Molokai, and the Goddess of Hula Laka from Kāʻana, Molokai.


Participate in Protocol in Hula. Through chants (Oli) we practice Hōʻihi (Respect) and Aloha, which is Pono.



That's what this Hula Workshop "Molokai, Birthplace of Hula, Kāʻana" is all about.


Here's what you'll get from attending the San Jose CA Hula Workshop

  • Witness Sunrise Ceremony Nā Kumu & Nā Poʻopuaʻa meet with First Nation Peoples of the area.
  • Get to know Kanaka ʻŌiwi and Kupuna Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki & Kumu Paʻa Kyrian van Vliet.
  • Discover the Sacred Teachings of Aloha from Hālawa Valley, Molokai.
  • Learn Hula from Molokai, dedicated to Molokai Nui A Hina.
  • Find your people and have fun learning & dancing new hula.


Friday, Aug 18

  6.30 am

❖ Sunrise Ceremony with First Nation Elders

  6.00 pm - 6:30 pm

❖ Registration Open

  6.30 pm - 8.30 pm

❖ Introduction + Protocol

❖ Talk Story

❖ Hula by Hālau Mana O Molokai


Saturday, Aug 19

   9.00 am - 11.00 am

❖ Hula ʻAuana #1 Level: Advanced

   11.00 am - 12.00 pm

❖ Lunch Break (on your own)

   12.30 pm - 2.30 pm

❖ Hula ʻAuana #2 Level: Advanced

   5.30 pm

❖ BBQ Dinner


Sunday, Aug 20

   9.00 am - 11.00 am

❖ Hula Kahiko #3 Level: Advanced

   11.00 am - 12.00 pm

❖ Lunch Break (on your own)

   12.30 pm - 2.30 pm

❖ Hula ʻAuana #4 Level: Advanced

Where is the Event Held?

The Campbell Community Center ● Roosevelt Redwood Room ● 1 W Campbell Ave, Campbell CA, 95008

An amazing venue in the heart of Campbell, spacious and cool enough to dance and listen to the moʻolelo (stories)! Cozy lunch and breakfast places are around the corner. Plenty of accommodations near San Jose Airport and in neighborhoods close by.

Hālawa Valley, Molokai
Molokai Nui A Hina
Hula Hoʻolauleʻa Mana O Molokai
Lūʻau Leaf
Waterfall Moʻoula at Hālawa Valley, Molokai

Workshop Protocol

1. Inclusiveness

Hula Workshops are open to Kāne & Wāhine. The classes are adult classes. By request and based on appropriate skill level, Keiki and ʻŌpio may attend adult classes with approval from Kumu Kyrian van Vliet. Please send a request via the Contact Form below.

2. Getting Ready: Hoʻomākaukau

Be half an hour early before the workshop starts. Bring your printed ticket and identification to check in at the registration table. Seats or tables are reserved. Do not put your bags there. Gather in line at the entrance.

3. ʻAʻahu | Attire

Attendees are required to wear pāʻū skirts for women and girls. Women and girls shall have long hair tied back, and wear a top and biker shorts or leggings under pāʻū. Men and boys shall wear shirts and shorts.

4. Calling Chant | Oli Kāhea

Gather in line at the entrance. Chant Kānaenae ʻO Laka at the start of a Hula workshop. Follow the lead of the members of Hālau Mana O Molokai.

5. Permission Chant | Oli Komo

by Kumu Kyrian a me nā Haumāna.

6. Pule Wehe | Opening Prayer

Prayer by Kupuna (elder)

7. Papa Hula

Dance instruction. Sharing of the composition, and meaning. Those who cannot sit on the floor can sit on the chairs. No video or audio recording is allowed in the workshops, except by permission of nā kumu.

8. Pule Hoʻokuʻu | Closing Prayer

with Oli Mahalo [All]

9. Reflection

Complete and submit the workshop evaluation form.



Nā Kumu a me nā Haumāna

The Teachers and Students, who underwent Kapu Kai ceremony (ritual ceremony of commitment)

Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki of Mana O Molokai

Is the 50th Generation of Hālawa Valley, Molokai Lineage of Traditional ʻIke (knowledge). Born and raised in the traditions of this secluded Valley by his maternal Grandparents

Kumu Hula Kyrian van Vliet of Hālau Hula Ka Makani Laukamani O Hālawa Iki

Is the 51st Generation of Hālawa Valley, Molokai Lineage of Traditional ʻIke (knowledge). Born and raised in Rijssen, The Netherlands, and now resides in Kawela, Molokai.

Katy Castaneda

Haumāna Katy Castaneda (CA)

Admin & Communications Hālau Mana O Molokai, ʻŌlapa (Dancer)

Tonya ʻIolani Leger

Haumāna Tonya Iʻolani Leger (KY)

Lomilomi Practitioner, ʻŌlapa (Dancer)

Makenna Schaaf

Haumāna Makenna Schaaf (CA)

ʻŌlapa (Dancer)

About Hālau Mana O Molokai

Aloha mai kākou, aloha mai, aloha mai kāua,

I'm Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki, the 50th Generation of Kumu from Hālawa Valley, Molokai, Hawaiʻi with my wife Kumu Hula Kyrian van Vliet from Rijssen, The Netherlands.

We teach Kānaka ʻōiwi and healers all over the world to build a strong and unshakeable Hawaiian spiritual foundation, so they know who they are and where they come from.

We do weekly Zoom classes, and in-person retreats - we support people in their journey by offering Hula and Oli classes, and Hawaiian Spirituality such as Hoʻoponopono. 

I love sharing on Clubhouse, bringing the teachings of my traditional lineage of Hālawa Valley out into the world through modern technology.

The one message I have for the world is the message of Aloha. 

Hereby, we heed the kāhea (call) to share our ʻike kūpuna (ancestral knowledge) with you in California. The last time I taught outside of Hawaiʻi was ten years ago, so this is a special occasion.

In 2010, my blood-uncle and Kumu, Hawaiʻi Treasure Kumu Hula ʻAnakala Pilipo Solatorio since my tenth year, said to me:

The mango is ripe and at its sweetest point, and ready to be plucked.


A hui hou, see you in Campbell,

Kumu Paʻa Nui Lawrence Kalainia Kamani Aki

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